Treasures Football

Treasure Football

Treasures of the Universe also hosts a very special calle football scouting. This event has been a blessing to many football players and many others who have become stars playing in foreign clubs both in Europe and other countries. The Football scouting is a time when clubs and teams seeking new stars and talented players in African are invited to come and make a selection from among the selected players showcased by Treasures of the Universe.

These players invited to be showcased are selected from the leaque team players of Treasures Resort football and from the general public. All selected players are then brushed-up and prepared and then presented to the guests who make their selection. Treasures fixes mutliple matches for the selected players and the guest are made to watch, observe and make their choice. The football scouiting of TReasures of the Unioverse have seen many players today signed up by foreign teams that may not have been possible.

You can contact us to find out new date for upcoming football scouting.

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