Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasures Hunt is a TV Reality Show and a first of its kind in Northern Nigeria. It’s a special event that seeks to raise National Peace Ambassadors on a seasonal basis among Nigerian youths. We seek to raise youths who will build bridges across the ethnic divide that has negatively affected our dear country. This single feature has been responsible for conflicts that we have seen between warring communities or the clashes we experience among tribes and along religious lines. The vision of Treasure Hunt is anchored on the belief that we can have a peaceful Nigeria tomorrow. Since inception in 2017, in Kaduna, when we started out with the Treasure Hunt Season I, we have had other social activities to mark and in furtherance of our Vision for Treasure Hunt.

Objectives of Treasure Hunt:
1. To reduce or eliminate occurrence and reoccurrence of violence and terrorism
2. To create peace along regional, tribal and religious lines to culture peace.
3. To increase social interaction among youths through education and re-orientation on peace
4. To help the government in its agenda of Tourism for peace policy towards a peaceful nation.
5. To present our tourism potentials thereby boost the tourism sector and economic revival.

Highlights of event
Seminars and Expeditions, Talk Shows, Football Competition, Musical Concerts, Drama etc.

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